About us

"People don't know what they want until you offer it to them."
- Terence Conran -

Our concept: We pack high-quality equipment in a space-saving way in a reusable, optimized foam. Thus we cover a niche and give your high-end equipment a safe "home" in an optimal packaging solution.
Well packed and always ready for transport:
With our foam inlays and cases your equipment has its fixed place and you can check the completeness of the sets at a glance. A space-saving and intelligent arrangement of the material is the basis and goal of every inlay.
Precise customisation and easy handling:
Thanks to the ergonomic milling you can easily insert and remove the equipment. The inlays are milled from one piece. Thus the foam remains dimensionally stable for a long time.
Our foam inlays have standardized dimensions, are not glued to the case and can be removed from the case by yourself. All inlay solutions are available individually without buying the case. Replacement is possible without any problems, so you only invest in the case once and remain flexible.
Absolutely safe:
The cases are selected with our high demand on quality: our standard portfolio contains the cheap all-rounder but also the high-quality brand product.
We offer different case shapes and can adapt standardised cases to the corresponding equipment. We guarantee a lifetime warranty on PELI and SKB cases.
Hand in hand:
Through our many years of experience in the event sector, we have been able to analyse the many dos and don'ts of the industry. In the end, our solution is not just a piece of foam, but the sum of many services. Therefore, individual foam inserts only become interesting and profitable for you from a larger quantity on, in order to do justice to the required amount of work such as analysis and calculation, CAD creation, programming of machine codes, set-up costs, machine hours, material and shipping.